OLG School families need your help! Nearly 50 students in our school need to receive an Institute for Quality Education (IQE) Scholarship to attend OLG. We’re more than 6 weeks into the new school year. We still need to raise $6,000 to meet our $35,000 goal to pay for these Scholarships. Donors get a 50% Indiana Tax Credit for their contributions. So, a $500 donation gets you a $250 tax credit right off the top of your Indiana taxes. The minimum IQE scholarship we can award is $500. However donors can give any amount they like. Over the past 8 years, these IQE scholarships have been so important to our school families. They have helped over 250 OLG students attend our school! For many students who don’t qualify for a Voucher, the IQE Scholarship provides much-needed financial assistance. The scholarships have actually helped the school reduce budgeted expenses for our “traditional” financial aid by about $30,000 per year. For most of our IQE recipients, these parish-funded scholarships are “bridges to a Voucher”. They can qualify the student to receive an Indiana School Voucher in subsequent years. Many Kindergarten students receive a scholarship. The next year, they will be qualified to receive a Voucher (worth up to $5,400 per year) through 12th grade. That means each of these children could receive up to $65,000 in assistance, with the door opened by a single $500 or $750 IQE scholarship. An IQE scholarship really does change a child’s life! If you can contribute, please complete a Donor Form at the desk in the Narthex, and send to me at the Parish Office, 335 S. Meridian St., Greenwood, IN 46143. In Him, Tony Cooper-Stewardship and Development